Purdue-launched solid rocket motor-maker Adranos flies off with Anduril

Adranos Inc., a Purdue-originated company that grew from a doctoral project into an impactful company, has been acquired by a major Costa Mesa, California-based defense products company, Anduril Industries.

Terms of the deal were settled, and the acquisition was announced on Sunday (June 25) in The Wall Street Journal that Anduril Industries is to purchase Adranos, manufacturer of solid rocket motors and maker of ALITEC, a high-performance solid rocket fuel that gives greater payload capacity, range and speed to launch systems.

“The success of Adranos is the latest manifestation of Purdue’s heritage of flying with innovation and signifies three growing strengths at our university in recent years: startup creation by Boilermakers, national security and defense research for America, and economic development in Discovery Park District,” said Purdue President Mung Chiang. “Many future successes will be delivered in these directions through Purdue Innovates, Purdue Applied Research Institute and the Hard Tech Corridor.”

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