Software supply chain security risks are here: Are we equipped to act accordingly? Purdue tandem tackles thorny cybersecurity issue

Two Purdue University researchers are taking aim at the growing surge of supply chain attacks, particularly those directed at third-party software suppliers and vendors connected to the actual target.

Sabine Brunswicker, a professor of digital innovation and communication, is collaborating with Santiago Torres-Arias, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, to better understand the way the software supply chains are structured to develop solutions for combating cybersecurity attacks that emerge from the use of open-source software.

To leverage their Purdue efforts, Brunswicker and Torres-Arias received a coveted donation from Google totaling $200,000 to advance their research in this space. The two also are affiliated with the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) at Purdue.

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