Regional networks accelerate science & tech for Air Force

The Purdue University President Mung Chiang expressed his enthusiasm at Regional Hub Network-Midwest opening ceremony and said that this is a critical time for the country to remain ahead of the rest of the world as it faces geopolitical challenges.

“This is the epicenter of hypersonic and energetic research, development and testing,” Chiang added. “And it’s because we have a network of outstanding universities participating. That’s the power of the network. It is a region working with each other. Together, we can make our country safe, secure [and] stronger than ever before.”

Echoing each speaker’s comments, Vaia said the future is about accelerating technology and creating an ecosystem that innovates and produces products, as well as attracting those who want to be part of the ecosystem.

“And that is fundamentally what the Regional Hub Networks are about — the government working with the innovators, the ideators, the manufacturers, the integrators, that entire ecosystem, to bring it all together to make it attractive and continue to lead in technology innovation,” Vaia said.

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