Purdue launches nation’s first Institute for Physical AI (IPAI), recruiting 50 new faculty

As student interests in computing-related majors and societal impact of artificial intelligence and chips continue to rise rapidly, Purdue University’s Board of Trustees announced Friday (April 14) a major initiative, Purdue Computes.

Purdue Computes is made up of three pillars: academic resource of the computing departments, strategic AI research, and semiconductor education and innovation. This story highlights Pillar 2: strategic research in AI.

At the intersection between the virtual and the physical, Purdue will leapfrog to prominence between the bytes of AI and the atoms of growing, making and moving things: the university and state’s long-standing strength.

The Purdue Institute for Physical AI (IPAI) will be the cornerstone of the university’s unprecedented push into bytes-meet-atoms research. By developing both foundational AI and its applications to “We Grow, We Make, We Move,” faculty will transform AI development through physical applications, and vice versa.

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